Third Party Inspection & Training Services
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Marine Onshore Experiences

  1. Sea water system (SW)
  2. Cooling water system for main engine (CW)
  3. Bilge,Ballast water system for ship balancing (BG,BS)
  4. Water mist system for main engine (WM)
  5. Heating coil system for oil tank (HC)
  6. Scupper drain system for drainage line(SD)
  7. Tank sounding pipe system (SP,SD)
  8. Drinking water system (DW)
  9. CO2 system (CO2)
  10. Fire fighting and fire water system (FF,FW)
  11. Foam deluge system (FOAM)
  12. Black water system (BW)
  13. Grey water system (GW)
  14. Heli deck drain system (HD)
  15. Steam line and boiler water system (AS)
  16. Funnel exhaust gas line system (EX)
  17. Compressed air and service air system (CA,SA)
  18. Lube oil service system (LO)
  19. Heavy fuel oil and fuel oil service system (HFO,FO)
  20. Overboard discharge and drain system (DS)
  21. Hot water and cold water system (HW,CW) .
  22. Deck drain system.
  23. Hydraulic system for mooring winches and ship gears
  24. Service Air (SA)
  25. Hot Water, Cold Water, Drinking Water
  26. Fuel Oil (FO)
  27. Sprinkler Water (Flexifog)
  28. Window Wiper System